Surrounded by ocean and home to several stunning lakes, Victoria offers ample opportunities to experience what we call Splasherific Gawkerism. The jaw-dropping excitement of your first wildlife sighting and the joy of paddling through Victoria's Inner Harbour simply fail to be summed up in conventional words. Get your feet wet weith one or more of these water inspired activities.

Harbour ferry in Fisherman's wharf 

Nautical Pub Crawl and Get Around Town

Don't miss the Pickle Pub Crawl, Victoria's spirited adventure with a nautical twist. Armed with fun facts, stories and jokes, the Harbour Ferry captains take you to four unique restaurants and pubs to explore the local craft beer, wine and cider scene. You can also hop on a Harbour Ferry for a quick and fun ride across the harbour or to Fisherman's Wharf and the Gorge. If you're looking to spend a day in Sooke, give Coastal Sea Ventures a call and meet the seals at Fort Rodd Hill on your way to Victoria's rugged coastline.

Zoom off to Go Whale Watching

When you spot your first whale, the ocean breeze takes all your worries with it. Home to three large killer whale families (pods), harbour seals and sea lions, the water surrounding Victoria is one of the best places in the world for wildlife sightings. Transient killer whales and humpback whales also frequent the area, making for a jaw-dropping adventure. So zoom off to go whale watching, let the spray of the waves wash your worries away and return in awe of Victoria's unmatched wildlife.


paddling in the inner harbour 

Paddle and Explore

Discover Victoria from a different perspective. Rent a kayak or stand up paddle board to explore Victoria's Inner Harbour and venture into nature, just outside of Victoria's bustling core. With just a little luck you'll spot some local wildlife. For double the fun, join forces with a friend in a double kayak or canoe. And if you're looking for a truly unique experience, do yoga - on a stand up paddle board.


exploring underwater worlds at ogden point 

Get Wet and Swim

Cool off from all the excitement with a little dip in the water. In Sooke, nature carved deep, smooth pools into the rock, lovingly referred to as the Sooke Potholes. The crystal clear water and stunning location make for an ideal swimming excursion. Alternatively, join locals as they jump into Victoria's lakes, like Thetis and Elk, on warm days. Swimming in the ocean usually takes a little courage as the water doesn't get very warm. In the summer, visit the sandy cove of Gonzales Beach or Cadboro Bay as the ocean heats up a little in these protected areas.
For a truly unique exploration of Victoria's underwater landscape, go for a dive through the kelp forest at the Ogden Point Dive Centre.


View of the Strait of Juan de Fuca from Dallas Road 

Look out Over the Water

Simply overlooking the ocean is often all it takes to give you that feeling of relaxation that you seek in a vacation. Cross the bridge and walk along the water's edge by the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa overlooking the Inner Harbour, or stroll to Fisherman's Wharf past the Inn at Laurel Point. Alternatively, take the stairs down to the beach at Mile 0, or drive to Mount Tolmie, Mount Douglas or the Saanich Peninsula for stunning views of the islands and waters surrounding Victoria.


kite and wind surfers at clover point 

Witness Gravity Defying Water Sports

When the wind picks up, so does the activity around Victoria. Wind and kite surfers love cutting through the waves by Clover Point. Watch as their kites propel them forward with incredible speeds and lift them high into the air. It's quite a sight!
Sailors also frequent Victoria. The Swiftsure International Yacht Race, the premier long distance sailing race in B.C. and the Pacific Northwest, draws competitors and spectators from as far as New Zealand and Russia. In June, the world also looks to Van Isle 360 for a spectacular yacht race whereby participants surround the entirety of Vancouver Island and can be followed online in real time before they enter Victoria. To get a little taste of the wind in your hair and the power of the wind, head on a 3 hour sail tour.