From wildlife spotting to outdoor adventure, the Gulf Islands off the coast of southern Vancouver Island are the perfect place to unwind and explore. Here, sheltered waters make for ideal sailing, scuba diving, and fishing; dreamy beaches beckon swimmers; and ecologically protected forests welcome hikers to the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. With plenty of activities to choose from and breathtaking scenery, put a trip to the Gulf Islands on your bucket list!

1. Why wouldn’t you?

What an evening over the Gulf Islands #gulfislands #sunsets #britishcolumbia #canada

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2. Paddle or sail to (almost) undiscovered beaches and coves

Sunsets steal my heart ?? #northwest #pnw #gulfislands #canada #boating #sup

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3. Observe orcas from shore


4. Enjoy the view from East Point


5. Hike along places like this


6. See the most breathtaking sunsets


7. Spend the night in the most beautiful places


8. It’s great for a cycling trip


9. Views like this

Sunset last night from Bruce's camp on Galiano Island #trip_the_light #galiano #gulfislands #travelcanada

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10. Swim!

Legs vs. ocean ?????? #gulfislands #summerwins

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