Home to Canada's oldest brewpub, Victoria, B.C. is a craft beer heaven and perfect for a little self-guided walking tour. Steeped in history, Victoria's beer is brewed with respect to tradition, but with a modern touch. The city has several micro-breweries, many of whom only produce less than 15,000 barrels annually. Follow this self-guided walking tour and sample Victoria's best craft beer. Don't want to walk or follow a set tour? Pick up your Victoria Craft Beer Map and scroll down for non-walking craft beer tour ideas.

Stop 1: Visit a Brewpub

Let's start at the source! Begin your beer-filled tour at Canada's oldest licensed brewpub. Spinnakers offers 11 year-round brews that taste amazing in combination with their farm to table menu and gorgeous views of the water. Cross the Blue Bridge on Johnson Street and stop by Swans for a taste of their amazing brews, crafted without added syrups or sugars and with authentic ingredients from the UK. Next, discover craft beer as it was originally intended: brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Order of 1516 at Canoe Brewpub. Lastly, find out how the brewmaster at Moon Under Water added a west-coast twist to German styles.

Get a Taste at Canoe Brewpub

Stop 3: Pair Your Brews with Food + Try a Little More

Now that you've had a taste of Victoria's craft brewpubs, find out just how many wonderful beers are hand-crafted in Victoria and how well these are complimented by local food.  The Drake Eatery specializes in pairing food with unique brews from craft and micro-breweries from all over the West Coast. Alternatively, head to the Yates Street Taphouse or Garrick's Head to try local favourites, flowing out of their 40 and 55 taps, respectively. Still hungry? Victoria has no shortage of great pubs!


Filling cans Photo: Vancouver Island brewery 

Stop 4: Tour a Brewery

Have we satisfied your love for beer yet? But what really goes into all of these craft beers and makes them so special? Make your way to Vancouver Island Brewery to find out! They offer tours every Friday and Saturday afternoon.


grab a growler! Photo: Hoyne Brewing Company 

Stop 5: Pick up a Growler or Bottle to Take Home

Congratulations! You can now say that you've truly experienced Victoria, the Craft Beer Capital of British Columbia. As we wouldn't want you to leave without a tasty souvenir, pick up a couple of bottles or a growler of a local favourite you fell in love with. Vancouver Island BreweryDriftwoodHoyne and Moon Under Water shouldn't be left off your list as you think about taking a piece of Victoria with you.


How about something strong? Photo: Victoria Spirits 

Stop 6: Expand Your Horizons and Try More Local Craft Spirits

Still can't get enough of Victoria's amazing craft brews? Venture out of Victoria's core to expand your horizons. Category 12 just opened the doors to its ‘Lab' and always welcomes visitors to learn about the chemical processes that create the wonderful beverage we call beer. While you're out and about exploring the Saanich Peninsula, try craft cider at Sea Cider and get in the right spirit with a taste of Victoria Gin.


hop on a bike and tour the local breweries 

I Don't Want to Walk, but I'd be Down for a Bike Ride

No worries! You don't have to walk to visit all of these wonderful places. Hop on a bike and tour Victoria's craft beer hot-spots with the Pedaler or Cycle Treks.


make some friends and learn from the experts Photo: West Coast Brewery Tours

Let me Rephrase, Biking is Also not an Option!

West Coast Brewery Tours to the rescue! They're experts in all things beer in and around Victoria and would love to show you around. If you'd like to go on your own schedule, hop on a bus with BC Transit.