1. The city literally glows


2. It's not too late to get outside!

Whether you explore the city from the water...


... or to go on a hike.


3. Clear days are more common than you may think


4. The Westcoast light gives everything a golden glow


5. Starry nights will leave you in awe


6. You get to meet these guys and may spot some of our five Orca babies


7. This humpback jumps with joy because you came to visit


8. The beach is as beautiful as always

Which is why we've compiled a list of 10 Beaches Worth Travelling For.


9. You've never seen more fascinating storms


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10. The city gets more vibrant as colours change, especially at The Butchart Gardens

Happy first day of autumn! The Japanese Garden will be like this in a few weeks! #???? #explorevictoria #explorebc

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12. If you love Halloween, Victoria is just the right amount of creepy


13. You'll never have far to look for a fun filled activity


14. After all, fall in Victoria is stunningly beautiful!