Each October, Victoria awakens to celebrate its torrid history and Halloween in style. With the fog and a slightly earie feeling rolling in from the ocean, Victoria is the perfect destination to experience your best Halloween yet.


1. Meet Victoria's Ghosts

As the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia's most haunted city, Victoria has a tale or two to tell about eternal inmates, murdered residents and hotel guests that never left. To hear their stories or track down their ghosts yourself try:

zombies from the sea at victoria's zombie walk 

2. Get Scared

You never feel as alive as when pure adrenaline rushes through your body. But is that because you find yourself surrounded by zombies closing in on you or because you're rushing through the dark forest, 150ft above the ground? Either way, facing a spooky experience (or scaring other people) is a must for a successful Halloween.

the Masquerade Ball  Photo: www.johnsphotography.ca 

3. Celebrate in Style

Now that you're truly in the Halloween spirit, celebrate an enchanted and moon-lit evening with frightful style. Grab your best costume and raise your glass to British Colubia's most haunted city at one of these special events:
  • Masquerade Ball: Victoria's most elegant evening, masks mandatory
  • Nightmare at the Museum: The museum comes alive for a night you won't forget, even if you want to
  • IFCon: A horror, Sci-Fi and cosplay convention not to miss
  • Fireworks: Sparks fly at Westin Bear Mountain
Now all there's left to do is to book your stay and share your best Halloween yet with #VictoriaBoo!