As the days get shorter and the occasional cloud reminds you of the umbrella that got lost somewhere in the back of your closet, nothing beats cuddling up to keep the cold out of your bones a little longer. So we put together a few places where you can cozy up and fall in love with fall.


The Penny Farthing in Oak Bay

In a Cozy Pub

Known for their rainy weather, people from the UK know how to keep their spirits up. Victoria, well-known for its British charm, is packed with wonderful pubs. Grab a pint or ask the bartender to mix up something to warm you to the core at one of these pubs that may make you feel like you're on a different island, half a world away.
Orcas at sunset Photo: Eagle Wing Tours

On a Cruise

If you would never sacrifice seeing Victoria from all angles, but don't want to brave the chill, head on a Sunset Cruise. Eagle Wing Tours takes visitors out in their covered boats to enjoy the sunset, view Victoria from the Inner Harbour and, with a little luck, you'll also get to meet Victoria's cutest marine residents. It's tough to beat seeing whales dip in and out of the sun-kissed waves.


Warm up by the fire Photo: Fireside Grill

By the Fire

Drive every thought of the cold away as you curl up in front of the fire. Pair the crackling blaze with a view and delicious dinner and you're set! Try:
Spiced Latte Pumpkin Ale Photo: Spinnakers Brewpub

With the Right Beverage

Nothing warms you up like a good book and a great coffee. Enjoy the view of the Oak Bay Marina and a mug of love from the Marina Dockside Eatery or seek out Mirage on Blanchard Street for a truly eclectic and unique coffee shop the locals love.

For something that just screams fall, taste your way through seasonal favourites. Try Spinnakers' Spiced Latte Pumpkin Ale, Merridale's Ghost Cider or ask your bartender at one of Victoria's elegant cocktail lounges to mix you something autumnal.

exploring Victoria in a horse-drawn carriage

In a Horse-drawn Carriage

Cuddled up in thick blankets, you'll not only feel like royalty, but also get a wonderful tour of Victoria. Hop in a horse-drawn carriage and let Victoria's cobblestone streets and Victorian houses warm your heart.

mineral pools at the oak bay beach hotel

At the Spa

For the ultimate warm and fuzzy feeling, treat yourself to a couple of hours of true relaxation at a spa. Get a massage and leave the knots in your muscles and worries behind. Also try a soak in the mineral pools at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel as you overlook the ocean. Now that's what we call a vacation!