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Victoria's Ghosts

We are on the hunt for more iconic Victoria ghosts and the stories behind them.

The Doppelganger of Beacon Hill Park

A woman was spotted, arms outstretched, face to the sky, on a large rock outcropping in the corner of Beacon Hill Park closest to St Ann's Academy. She never acknowledged her friends as they passed by, and when these friends mentioned seeing her later on in the day, the woman would deny being anywhere near the rock. In fact, she often had firm alibis to the opposite.
One morning, the woman went missing. She was found at the base of the rock, murdered. This woman's death is a long standing, unsolved case in Victoria.
(Doppelgangers are known to be omens of death - a portion of your spirit arriving ahead of you, which, when reunited with the rest of your soul, leads to your death.)


Ross Bay Cemetery Ghosts

Ross Bay Cemetery is the oldest surviving formal landscape design in B.C. and is a superb example of a Victorian-era burial ground. The cemetery is noted for several resident ghosts, including David Fee (who was murdered on the steps of St. Andrews Cathedral on Christmas Eve 1890), Isabella Ross (the first woman in British Columbia to own land, whose farm stood where the cemetery is now) and a mysterious, elderly couple who are dressed in fancy Victorian attire and who are seen from time to time gliding along the western side of the cemetery.

Spirits at St. Ann's Academy

Deeply concerned about what would happen to the school they erected, the original sisters of St. Ann's Academy couldn't leave and have been spotted in front of the building with troubled expressions. They had seen the building fall into disrepair after they had moved out and to this day don't believe that the honour of housing the Ministry of Education will last. It was also rumored that Thomas Hooper, St. Ann's architect, killed people and had them poured into the foundations to give his buildings "souls." When taking a stroll past the buildings, their presence is undoubtable.


Bastion Square's Eternal Inmates

Haunted by its dark history, Bastion Square is home to the ghosts of prisoners who found their neck in a noose, or who were tossed into the jail's graveyard. Before the jail was demolished in 1885, one of the prisoners died in Helmcken Alley after a beating from a guard. To this day, a man in old prison attire with chains shackled to his wrists and ankles follows visitors and locals down the alley with heavy footsteps. The spirits of some of his old cell mates are still trapped in the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, considered British Columbia's most haunted building.

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