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Women Investing in Real Estate Mingle

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Dates: November 19, 2016
Venue: Inn at Laurel Point
Type: On-Going Events
Time: All Day
Location: Inn at Laurel Point
Address: 680 Montreal Street Victoria, BC V8V 1Z8
Admission: $25
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November 19th will be a full day of real estate!  From turn keys and AirBnb’s to financial tips and an overview of the Victoria real estate market, the ladies of WREN and WIRE have the connections, know-how, resources and experience to open the door to real estate investment!  

Early bird tickets and details coming soon. WREN is thrilled to be a part of REIN's ACRE Weekend in Vancouver on November 04th & 05th.  The Authentic Canadian Real Estate system (ACRE) is "a coming together of experts, analysts, industry leaders, business owners and veteran investors who all live, work, and invest in Vancouver."  

You'll get the straight facts and all of the knowledge that you'll need to know to turn that dream of investing in real estate into action and reality. We'll have special pricing for you next week. We can’t wait to continue to grow, learn and invest with you! Have FUN.

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