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Corporation of the District of Saanich

770 Vernon Avenue
Victoria, BC V8X 2W7
Phone:  (250) 475-1775
Fax:  (250) 475-5440

People love Saanich for its diversity. You can surround yourself in the liveliness of a vibrant downtown or immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Positioned between Victoria and the Airport/Ferries, the Municipality of Saanich is 108,000 residents strong and growing.
Saanich has a thriving economy which attracts shopping centres and high tech companies, small, medium and large businesses, and a large agricultural sector. Neighbourhoods are growing because of strong support to arts and festivals, safe schools, quality health care, and green space; Saanich has more parkland per capita than any city in BC.
The landscape of Saanich is unique for its ecological diversity and leisure potential. There are several excellent golf courses, lakes for boating, swimming and fishing, and a cycling network to explore. Be sure to plan some time to enjoy our many beaches and their spectacular mountain views. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping, trying unforgettable restaurants, entertainment and meeting friendly locals - Saanich has it all and more!

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