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Driftwood Brewery

102 - 450 Hillside Avenue
Victoria, BC V8T 1Y7
Phone:  (250) 590-3555
Fax:  (250) 384-2333

Driftwood Brewing Company was founded in the spring of 2008 by two very passionate and experienced brewers, Jason Meyer and Kevin Hearsum. They wanted to make and sell the kind of beer they liked best. beer that is fresh, brewed in the tradition of classic world styles but with the finest local ingredients.
To develop the sales and marketing of the new brewery, Gary Lindsay joined the team in August bringing with him years of successfully promoting craft beer in the local market. With the depth of experience in the partnership, Driftwood is able to brew with an adventurous spirit to reflect the tastes of the many who are seeking to experience bold new flavors and rediscover some more familiar styles. It is beer for everyone to enjoy!

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