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Fol Epi Bakery

732 Yates Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1L4
Phone:  (778) 265-6311
Toll Free:  (778) 265-6312

Fol Epi Bakery offers the best in craft baking.
With a contemporary approach to classic french influenced breads and pastries we source the finest organically grown ingredients, carefully handled by our skilled bakers to develop outstanding flavours, textures and aromas.
Our pastry shop stocks a full line of pastries, cakes, pies and gelato made with local fruit, as well as high quality chocolate and spices from around the world to satisfy all your sweet cravings.
Our café offers some of the best coffee and tea in the city and a variety of sandwiches assembled with combinations of local produce and cheeses, house made smoked and cured meats, wild seafood, pickles and spreads prepared fresh throughout the day.
Our breads are made from organic Red Fife wheat stone milled on site. We use a wild yeast culture for most of our breads and bake with a wood fired brick oven.
For your picnic or relaxing dinner at home, our house made charcouterie and fresh baguettes are a great way to start - Sometimes it's the whole meal!

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