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Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

2220 Harbour Road
Sidney, BC V8L 2P6
Phone:  (250) 654-4000
Toll Free:  (866) 944-1744
Fax:  (250) 654-4014

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve safeguards a portion of British Columbia's beautiful southern Gulf Islands, truly a special place - rich in nature, rich in culture. The national park reserve, officially established in May, 2003 is comprised of lands dotted throughout 15 islands, islets and reefs and protects one of the most ecologically at risk natural regions in Southern Canada. Please check the website to find the location of all sites in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.
Blessed by a warm Mediterranean climate, this area is home to a myriad of sensitive plant species and diverse wildlife. The national park reserve offers a variety of opportunities for Canadians to learn about and experience an exceptional coastal island landscape and the cultures of the people who live there.
Recreational opportunities include boating, kayaking, camping, picnicking and hiking, geocaching, wildlife viewing or simply enjoying the many sheltered beaches. To reserve a campsite please visit www.reservation.pc.gc.ca or call 1-877-737-3783.

  • Ocean/Harbour Views:
  • Pet Friendly:
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