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Haven Spa

9805 Seaport Place
Sidney, BC V8L 4X3
Phone:  (250) 655-9797
Fax:  (250) 655-9798

Our Haven Spa provides a holistic approach to beauty and wellness - one that embraces pampering and indulgence but also offers guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Balancing the harmony of mind, body, and nature with the melody of inner and outer beauty.
Our spa, salon and fitness facilities are focused on relaxation and rejuvenation. Where stress evaporates like mist on the beach. An oasis of calm. A wellspring of positive energy flow, with beauty products born from nature itself. Enjoy luxurious massages, marine inspired spa treatments, an invigorating workout or a whole new look.
Wellness is a journey that starts with feeling good inside and out. So experience Haven and cherish the benefits of living well.

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