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MacGillivray & Associates Destination & Event Management Inc.

Victoria, BC .
Phone:  (250) 386-1344

CREATIVITY. In all its forms. Designing gala décor, through creative problem solving on complex transportation plans, to conceptualizing entertainment productions. Creativity shapes everything we do.
EXPERIENCE. 15 years in business, 25+ years in the industry. We use our wealth of experience in developing every new program and event at every new venue with every single client. PARTNERS. Solid partnerships with clients and suppliers provide the foundation for our mutual success. DETAILS. Clear communication. Careful planning. Accurate budgeting. Organized. Safe. Secure. Efficient. Effective. Details are the essential building blocks of our work.
SUCCESS. Your success is our success. Every repeat client, every award nomination, every successful event, every problem solved is a measure of our success.
AWARDS. National. Numerous. Diverse. Ongoing. Awards reflect our achievements in all aspects of the event world. Best Event. Best Décor. Most Outstanding Logistical Achievement. Best Multiple Day Incentive Program. Best Entertainment Production. Best Conference. Best Opening Event.

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