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158 Barkley Terrace
Victoria, BC V8S 2J6
Phone:  (866) 280-6277
Fax:  (250) 381-7033

When you get to Victoria check in with your Hotel Concierge for your Free Mobimaps!
Mobimaps are available at all of the best Hotels, Accommodations, Attractions and Tourist Info Centres.
Mobimaps is proud to publish and distribute over 3.5 million maps every year, providing effective advertising to visitors in Victoria. With a proven history in 3D map development and visitor advertising, Mobimaps has been helping visitors "Find all the Hot Spots" for over 11 years.
Mobimaps is the next generation of the product you've known and trusted since 1997 - Skycorp Walking Maps.
Visit our new interactive Visitor Map website - now featuring Victoria Mobimaps in 7 languages!

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