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Pirate Adventures Canada

Fisherman's Wharf
Victoria, BC xxxx
Phone:  (250) 858-7535

Welcome Aboard Mates, are you ready to live the life of a pirate?
With the Jolly Roger flying, and our Pirate crew at the ready, our fifty foot pirate ship, complete with 12 cannons, ventures forth to seek sunken treasure. From the sea battle to walking the plank, you will be amazed as our energetic crew taps into your child's imagination, transforming him or her into a pirate, complete with face painting tattoos, and pirate gear. This 75-minute none stop action filled sail, is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to Victoria's "Fishermens Wharf" and the beautiful "Inner Harbour" waterway.
Including: -discovering the treasure map, -solving the maps secrets & mysteries -defending the ship with our water cannons against the evil "Pirate Pete" -making "Pirate Pete" walk the plank -hauling the loot aboard & sharing the booty -singing a sea shanty with a wee bit of grog -generally living the adventure of a pirate for a moment of time.
"Arrgh, you best be ready for a good time matey!"