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Rockn' Rolls Modern Sushi

Fisherman's Wharf
1 Dallas Road
Victoria, BC V8V 0B2
Phone:  (250) 888-5336

Everything you love about sushi, with a unique modern twist. After years spent apprenticing under some Awesome Japanese chefs in Ontario, Sabrina Reis introduced her unique, modern blend of Brazilian-inspired Japanese fusion to the scenic float home village on Fisherman's Wharf. Her specialty is "loosey-sushi" that will fall appart in your mouth easily for optimum taste. For this reason don't be shy to eat the sushi with your fingers, topping first, to not only feel all the flavors and textures, but chopstick use may prove to be inefficient. Save the chopsticks for your sashimi! At Rockn' rolls, we make a special sauce for each sushi, and we either brush or drizzle on top of the sushi for a balanced taste - We strongly suggests you to not dip your sushi into the soy sauce. Vegan, shellfish, or gluten free? No problem. Rockn' Rolls is proud to be Victoria’s only 100% sustainably and locally sourced sushi restaurant. We deliver fresh, delicious and healthy sushi, that showcases the best seafood on the West Coast. "We look forward to seeing your smiling faces in this amazing place the Fisherman's wharf."

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