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Saint Andrew's Cathedral

740 St View
Victoria, BC V8W 1J8
Phone:  (250) 388-5571

St. Andrew’s Cathedral was dedicated on October 30th, 1892 by Bishop John Lemmens. Reflecting their cultural links to Quebec, St Andrew’s was designed by Montreal church architects Maurice Perrault and Albert Mesnard. The plans are a duplicate of a parish church in Vaudreuil, Quebec. St Andrew’s Cathedral Parish ministers to many people from all walks of life, evidenced by the 9 – 10 Club, which is a soup kitchen that feeds breakfast to over 300 people a day, five days a week.

Emily Carr String Quartet

Dates: April 01, 2017
Venue: Saint Andrew's Cathedral
Type: On-Going Events
Time: From: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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The Seven Last Words (Die sieben letzten Worte) by Franz Joseph Haydn was commissioned by the Catholic cathedral for Holy Week, the week preceding Easter, in 1785. It was composed originally for string orchestra, and made up of seven sonatas plus an introduction. The seven movements were meant to express and comment on... more

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