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The Raptors

1877 Herd Road
Duncan, BC V9L 5W4
Phone:  (250) 746-0372
Fax:  (250) 746-0115

The Raptors, located in the heart of the Cowichan Valley, offers compelling and interactive experiences with a variety of birds of prey species, including eagles, hawks, owls, falcons and more! Get closer than you ever imagined to these intelligent and majestic predators during our daily flying demonstrations, hands-on encounters and conservation talks (May - September).
At The Raptors, our birds soar the skies unfettered and return – not always when we expect them to! They live enriched, fulfilled lives as educational ambassadors for their species. Guided by our team of biologists and falconers, visitors will gain a profound appreciation and understanding for the vital role these intelligent and majestic predators play in maintaining our delicate ecosystems.

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