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The Raptors

1877 Herd Road
Duncan, BC V9L 5W4
Phone:  (250) 746-0372
Fax:  (250) 746-0115

Meet Eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, vultures and more at Pacific Northwest Raptors in Duncan. Watch these incredible birds of prey fly above and around you - free of all constraints - as you learn about their awesome personalities, ecology, habitat and hunting techniques! Imagine a falcon diving right above you, an eagle soaring down to alight gently on a perch mere meters from you. The owl glides above you, silent in his stealthy flight. Flying demos occur daily, and are exciting, educational and entertaining! Learn how you can help these birds in their natural habitats.
We also offer hands-on experiences - from a 20 minute hawk walk or owl prowl to half day courses, full days, and even apprenticeships and kids summer camps! Kids will be thrilled learning about raptors, learning about respect and care of wildlife as they work with some really neat birds, and have fun with crafts and conservation projects! Check our website or call for more information.

Owl Evenings at The Raptors

Date Range: October 07, 2016 to October 22, 2016
Upcoming Dates: October 07, 2016 , October 08, 2016 , October 14, 2016
Recurrence Recurring weekly on Friday, Saturday
Venue: The Raptors
Type: On-Going Events
Time: From: 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
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Spend a magical evening having a hoot with owls! The Raptors are thrilled to offer owl evenings - a 1.5 hour encounter where guests meet some amazing owls up close, learn all about their history with people, the myths and legends around them, their superpowers and their roll in the ecosystems. It will include a short tou... more

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