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Hatley Castle

Media Image Gallery

Tourism Victoria has a number of digital assets including photography and video footage, inspired by the spectacular beauty of the destination. Few places on earth are as full of life - on every level - as Victoria and from wildlife, to plant life, to arts and cultural life, our fair city offers a complete experience that is rejuvenating, fun filled and inspiring. Steeped in rich history, Victoria has an incomparable mix of old-world charm married with trendy new-world experiences.

We believe that every picture is worth a thousand words and we are proud of the stories that the images found in the Media Relations Digital Asset Management (DAM) tell about Victoria. Please note that use of Tourism Victoria's Media Relations DAM:

  • Is for editorial usage only and available to: magazines, newspapers, broadcast media, online travel publications and travel blogs
  • Is not to be used for advertising purposes, or in items or products offered for sale
  • Requires users to provide a copy of the published editorial to travelmedia@tourismvictoria.com

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