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First of the Season: Spring Flowers in Victoria

Posted on March 23, 2017


Spring has finally arrived in Victoria! With View Street and Beacon Hill Park already in full bloom, we are seeing more flowers popping up around the city every day. Here are a few places where you can see the first of the season: 


1. Along View Street  

The most well-known place to view spring blossoms is of course, View Street. In the heart of downtown Victoria, this street is usually the first to explode in a sea of pink flowers each March.

Image: Instagrammer @fish_cake1003


2. Blanshard Street  

Find bunches of colourful cherry and plum blossoms all along Blanshard Street, from Fort Street all the way to The Parkside Hotel & Spa near St. Ann's Academy National Historic Site.

Image: Instagrammer @fortprop


3. Along Belleville Street at the Inner Harbour 

Of course, the Inner Harbour is also home to blossoming trees and flowers at this time of year. Find especially bright blooms outside the Hotel Grand Pacific and The Robert Bateman Centre on the south side of the Inner Harbour. 

Image: Instagrammer @hotelgrandpacific


4. Hatley Castle & Gardens

A vist to Hatley Park National Historic Site is a good idea at any time of year, but their spring flowers are truly a sight to behold. 

Image: Instagrammer @pixbykoi


5. Along View Street, again...  

We told you, they're out in full force. 

Image: Instagrammer @jadebisco_photography 


Image: Instagrammer @janhallcreative


6. Dallas Road

At this time of year, you'll find rolling fields of daffodils all the way from the Ogden Point Breakwater to Ross Bay Cemetery. With flowers on one side and unobstructed ocean views on the other, we highly recommend using the separated walking trail that runs alongside Dallas Road. 

Image: Instagrammer @soul.searching.traveler



7. Along Fisgard Street in Chinatown  

Keep your eyes up as you explore Canada's oldest Chinatown

Image: Instagrammer @kads_durbs 


8. James Bay

Victoria's quiet residental areas are a great place to explore if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown. James Bay is adjacent to downtown Victoria (between the Inner Harbour and the Ogden Point Breakwater) so it's super walkable from the city center. 

Image: Instagrammer @kaitythesuperfish


9. All through Fairfield and Rockland

Also adjacent to downtown, Victoria's historic Fairfield and Rockland neighbourhoods boast many a heritage home and streets lined with cherry and plum trees. Walk it, or hop on a bike and explore the neighbourhoods on two wheels.

Image: Instagrammer @nathanphilps


10. In Beacon Hill Park  

The perfect place to enjoy a relaxing spring afternoon is without a doubt, Beacon Hill Park. Check out the sprawling gardens and don't be surprised if you see a live peacock or two perched amongst the blooming trees. 

Image: Instagrammer @yolster85

Image: Instagrammer @peridotulips


11. Along Government Street 

Beginning either at Chinatown or the Inner Harbour, stroll along Government Street to see bright flowers and shop the local bookstores and souvenir shops. Stop in for an ice cream cone at Chocolats Favoris or indulge in a Victoria Creme from Rogers' Chocolates

Image: Instagrammer @yellowboxfish 


Practically everywhere you go!

At this time of year, you'll be treated to blooming flowers and gardens wherever you go! Keep your eyes up for blossoming trees, but don't forget to look low as well. You'll find camellias, daffodils and more practically everywhere you go. 

Image: Instagrammer @cclawes

Image: Instagrammer @kirill_linden 


Learn more about biking and walking in Victoria or book a garden tour if you'd like a guided garden experience during your visit. Don't forget to share your photos with us using the hashtag #ExploreVictoria.