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Here's Why the World Can Wait While you Explore Greater Victoria

Posted on March 5, 2020

Life can often feel fast-paced and hectic. Looking for an escape from the mundane? Enter Greater Victoria, a unique place with a different pace. Put your routine aside and bask in a spring that comes early and lingers longer. Put yourself first for a change, and make the world wait for you.  


Embrace the West Coast Vibe

Greater Victoria is ideally situated geographically, in an environment that maintains a mild, agreeable temperature, year-round. This environment begs to be explored, rain or shine, in all seasons. From kayaking the coast to traversing Island trails, adventure is at Victoria’s doorstep. Take a west coast road trip from Victoria to Port Renfrew along the Pacific Marine Circle Route to experience the coastal energy firsthand. Set sail on the Salish Sea for your chance to see whales and other marine life in the wild; a truly transformative experience. Your visit here can be boldly unscripted, so we encourage you to venture off the beaten path and soak in the vitality of the Island. We guarantee you’ll feel reinvigorated after a weekend exploring Greater Victoria.

Image by @fieldandforest


Unique Place, Different Pace

Greater Victoria is blanketed in a serenity that’s difficult to describe. There’s a calmness here that washes over Islanders and we promise you’ll feel it too. Whether it’s soaking up simple pleasures like lingering over a fresh pastry and cappuccino in one of the charming local cafes or forest bathing in Goldstream Provincial Park, breathe deeply and easily here as your everyday worries slip away.

Goldstream Provincial Park
Image by @frank._ca


Collect Memories

Connect to the landscape, make memories around a beach fire, be stunned by sunsets and mesmerized by the magic of Greater Victoria. No matter your age, you and your loved ones will be overcome with youthful curiosity as you comb beaches for treasures, spot local wildlife, delight in locally harvested meals and soak in incredible moments. 

Image by @matt_shannon_photography


Refresh and Recharge

From forest bathing to adopting the local Victoria pace, to treating yourself to the city’s spa culture, you’re sure to leave revitalized and ready to take on your daily life. Visit Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Empress for treatments aimed at recharging your energy. Soak your worries away in the mineral pool and complete spa rituals for the ultimate rejuvenation. Find more world-class spas to visit around Greater Victoria here.

Image of @willowstreamspa


Your daily life can wait, take in Greater Victoria’s longer, brighter spring, all at your own pace. Find more inspiration for planning your spring getaway here.