Changemakers Speakers Series: John Vaillant

$20 per person
April 25
Victoria Conference CentreView on map
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    FIRE AND OIL: Rising to the Challenge of a More Flammable World
    Humans, aided by the fossil fuel industry (the “fire industry”), have altered the chemistry of our planet and its atmosphere in profound, life-changing ways. As a result, we are now, in real time, crossing a threshold into a new climate regime marked by previously unimagined extremes and whipsawing instability. How we conceptualize and respond to this unprecedented challenge is of immediate and paramount importance, not just to our psyches and our souls, but to the future of everyone on Earth. In this Changemakers talk, John Vaillant will offer ways of seeing, feeling – and meeting – this epochal moment.

    Destination Greater Victoria is honoured to be based on the traditional territory of the Lekwungen-speaking peoples of the Songhees Nation and the Esquimalt Nation, whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.