‘Ernest & Celestine’ at the Vic Theatre

$9 + service fee

Ernest & Celestine: A Trip to Gibberitia, a family friendly film is screening on February 11 at 11:30 am at the Vic Theatre as part of the 2024 Victoria Film Festival. In this heartwarming sequel to an Academy Award®-nominated debut, Ernest and Celestine, the lovable bear and plucky mouse duo, embark on a musical journey to Ernest’s homeland, Gibberitia. When Celestine accidentally breaks Ernest’s cherished violin, the two set off on a poignant adventure to seek repairs from Gibberitia’s renowned artist. To their astonishment, upon reaching Gibberitia, they find a once-vibrant land of extraordinary musicians now silenced by a longstanding ban on music – a ban that was decreed by Ernest’s own father! Determined to restore music, the two comrades (and some newfound friends) join forces to challenge the oppressive decree and rekindle the spirit of music in the hearts of bears.

As Ernest and Celestine navigate their differences, the film’s real heart beats, showcasing that even in a world where music is forbidden, the harmony of true friendship (and a little bit of organized resistance) can win the day. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Destination Greater Victoria is honoured to be based on the traditional territory of the Lekwungen-speaking peoples of the Songhees Nation and the Esquimalt Nation, whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.