In Angel’s Wede: Music For Mary Queen of Scots – The Baltimore Consort

General Admission: $33, Seniors: $30, Youth/Students: Free
January 27
7:30-9:00 PM
St. Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchView on map
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Music from Scotland, France, England and Italy with a captivating narration by Emmy Award winner (and television and radio personality) Robert Aubry Davis.

The short life of Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1587) was the stuff of great drama. Why has this sixteenth-century Scottish queen captivated us for centuries? The layers of romance, deceit, political maneuvering, and the long Catholic and Protestant feud are all told in Mary’s tale.


The gowans are gay – John Forbes, Songs and Fancies, 1662
Adew Dundee – Skene MS c. 1630-33

Youth in France
Reading: Fair flower of fifteen springs (Ronsard)
C’est moys de May – Clement Janequin (1485-1558)
Queen’s Pavane and Gaillarde – Estienne du Tertre, VIIme livre de danceries, 1557
J’ay suis desheritee – Pierre Cadeac, Quart livre …chansons nouvelles, 1540
Branles d’escosse – Estienne du Tertre

Reading: Dancing is practiced to reveal whether lovers are in good health… (Arbeau)
A suite of branles – Thoinet Arbeau, Orchesographie, 1589

Reading: Ronsard, if your good, gentle-natured heart (Mary)
Mignonne allons voir si la rose – Ronsard, pub. Jehan Chardavoine, Voix de ville, 1576
Gaillarde d’escosse – Pierre Phalèse, Liber primus leviorum carminum, 1572
Bransle d’escosse – Estienne du Tertre
Ma petite colombelle – Ronsard, Jehan Chardavoine, Voix de ville, 1576


Back home in Scotland
Lady Cassilles Lilt – Anonymous
Alace, I ly alon – Anon. Skene MS
What mightie motion Anon. – Thomas Wode’s Partbooks c.1562-1590
Reading: For who can denie… (John Knox)
Our Father God celestiall – Pierre Cadeac (fl.1538-1558)

Lutenist, David Riccio, The Pope’s “spy”
La Spagna – Francesco da Milano (1497-1543)
Morir non puo il mio core – Maddalena Casulana (1544-1590)
Fantasia No. 34 – Francesco da Milano

Imprisonment and Execution in England
Reading: O Lord my God, receive my prayer (Mary)
In Angel’s Wede – William Byrd (ca.1540-1623)
Reading: Alive a Queen, now dead I am a Saint (Robert Southwell)
A Scot’s Tune – Jane Pickeringe Lute Book, ca.1617
Green grows the rashes – Anon., Balcarres Lute Book 1692-94

Mary Ann Ballard
Mark Cudek, cittern, bass viol
Larry Lipkis, viols, recorders
Ronn McFarlane, lute
Mindy Rosenfeld, winds
Danielle Svonavec, soprano
with Robert Aubry Davis, narrator

Doors open at 6:45; pre-concert talk at 7:00.
Youth and students are admitted free at the door.

Artists: Mary Ann Ballard, Mark Cudek, Larry Lipkis, Ronn McFarlane, Mindy Rosenfeld, Danielle Svonavec, Robert Aubry Davis, The Baltimore Consort

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