Day of IMPACT 

Policy Tour and Dine Around: 
Elevate Our Collective Thinking on Sustainable Food Tourism

Sunday, May 8, 2022 - 9:00 am until approximately 5:30 pm

$199.00 per person


Continuing our tradition of including a value-added day of networking and dialogue, this year we invite you to experience the vibrant Saanich Peninsula, known as Vancouver Island’s "Provence”, an area rich with potential and home to many purpose driven businesses who are working with nature to build successful models based on regenerative practices. 

Join us for a day of discovery, designed to inspire, energize, connect passionate minds, and share opportunities, where we’ll explore the link between sustainable destination management, sustainable food production, food security, local sourcing, competitiveness, destination differentiation and brand halo. This is an invaluable strategic recipe for destination innovation which ultimately drives visitor satisfaction and loyalty through local food tourism.

Delegates will not only learn from a variety of case studies and speakers but will taste and sample throughout the day. 

Cost is an additional $199.00 per person and please note you must be a registered IMPACT delegate to participate. Transportation, cuisine, and libations included. 

Day of IMPACT Itinerary & Description

Kick off the day with a visit to a tropical jungle full of surprises around every corner! Victoria Butterfly Gardens (VBG), part of Vancouver Island’s The Truffles Group, offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience this vibrant ecosystem up close, witnessing the beauty and curiosity of these astonishing tropical creatures, from butterflies to flamingos and everything in between. As a certified VIGBC Green Leader and Surfrider Ocean Friendly Business as well as a refuge for mistreated and abandoned tropical animals, it is clear to see that VBG cares deeply about the environment and protecting biodiversity. 

Truffles Catering, Victoria's leading professional caterer for events and special occasions, will provide a delicious, sustainably and locally sourced repast to keep you fueled as you continue the day of adventure. Like its sister company VBG, Truffles Catering is a certified VIGBC Green Leader and Surfrider Ocean Friendly Business and has maintained a commitment to innovation in environmental stewardship since the inception of its sustainability program in 2008. From serving only Ocean Wise certified seafood to diverting 95% of waste through composting and recycling, this caterer has sustainability baked into its business model.

Our next stop is Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse where we will be treated to a feast for the mind and taste buds! Recognized as one of the top agrI-tourism attractions in Victoria and Vancouver Island, Sea Cider is one place you won’t want to miss! 

Once at the Ciderhouse, will enjoy a delicious lunch featuring locally sourced bounty paired with award winning artisan ciders, a cider tasting courtesy of Sea Cider, the opportunity to tour Sea Cider’s stunning farm-based cidery and orchard, and hear from passionate local business leaders and Farmpreneurs who are on a mission to weave sustainability into their operations and beyond. Get ready to be inspired and energized through storytelling and sharing; learn about the challenges these entrepreneurs have faced along the way and the opportunities, innovations, and collaborations they have embraced to find success.  

Coach transportation for the Day of IMPACT will be provided by Pacific Northwest Transportation Services (PNWTS), a certified VIGBC Green Leader and 100% Carbon Neutral business. With a deep commitment to providing quality service, while advancing sustainable mobility, PNWTS is well positioned to meet the demands of a changing world. 


Day of IMPACT Presentations (in no particular order)

Pacific Northwest Transportation Services

If you’ve been to Day of IMPACT before you already know all about PNWTS’s electrification trails and tribulations! You will hear a little more about their journey to become Carbon Neutral, their plan to convert their entire fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2030, and the conversion of their diesel double-decker bus to hydrogen fuel cells.  All-important but the overarching message for this year…”It may seem that a commitment to a more sustainable framework in your business is an insurmountable task…it is not…don’t give up!” Hear about the challenges PNWTS has faced and the mitigation strategies they are employing to overcome those challenges.

Eagle Wing Tours

As an early supporter of the IMPACT Conference and Day of IMPACT, you may recall experiencing exhilarating whale and wildlife adventures on the Salish Sea with Eagle Wing Tours. Eagle Wing Tours, a certified VIGBC Green Leader and Surfrider Ocean Friendly Business which is 100% Carbon Neutral, is deeply committed to weaving sustainability throughout its operations and advancing ocean and marine wildlife conservation both on and off the water. Hear from Brett and Nathan, Eagle Wing’s passionate leaders, on how their work with school aged children is making big waves in the world of sustainability, driving education, action, and a new generation of environmental stewards.   


Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse

Hear from Kristen Jordan, Sea Cider Owner, about the three key pillars of her business’ philosophy and mission: sociability, sustainability, and community involvement. Learn how Sea Cider’s ten-acres of farm and orchard and award-winning ciders are making a splash in the world of sustainability. 


Sandown Centre 

The Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture, located on 83 acres of field, forest and wetland in the Saanich Peninsula, is a hub to help foster the next generation of farmers, host teaching and research, offer community food growing, enhance biodiversity, and give lots of opportunities to fall in love with local food! Following best practices in regenerative agriculture, The Sandown Centre is on a mission to heal the land and water, while helping to build an incredible local food system that is good for our taste buds, our health, the land, and our collective future. Sandown’s passionate team of Farmpreneurs have big dreams - learn about their regenerative journey to date and what’s ahead!


Butterfly Gardens 

Learn how Victoria Butterfly Gardens has implemented circularity into its operations by upcycling food waste from Truffles Catering to feed its critters while also growing its own organic produce as a food source. 


Truffles Catering 

From significantly reducing its carbon emissions to diverting 95% of its waste by adopting a comprehensive composting and recycling system, learn how Truffles Catering is baking sustainability into its business model with examples of what has worked and what has not.



If you have not already met Chris Hildreth, Founder & Director of TOPSOIL, be prepared to be blown away. Chris has presented before to us at IMPACT but his innovative approach and the ingenuity he brings to his business model is a perfect example of how we can ‘think outside of the box but within the circle’. Learn how this purpose-driven company converts underutilized urban spaces into productive food growing areas. TOPSOIL was founded to create an innovative approach to food production – one that values environmental sustainability and the local economy. They supply fresh premium produce direct to restaurants and the local community in Victoria, supporting local food security, health, and collaboration. 


The Butchart Gardens

Beyond nurturing the gardens, a mindful approach to minimizing the impact of daily operations is seen through the implementation of environmental initiatives. From comprehensive Integrated Pest Management, to developing healthy and productive soil through a rigorous composting program, to a gardens wide recycling program, including recycling water from streams, all facilities have initiatives in place. Single-use water bottles have been eradicated, with water refill stations put in place. All Food Services venues operate with consideration of sourcing local ingredients, composting all food waste and take away packaging. Both behind the scenes, as well as what the visitor sees, a conscientious effort is made to maintain a sustainable operation. 


We at IMPACT are committed to keeping our guests safe while practicing all COVID 19 protocols for gathering together.