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At IMPACT 2023 we will explore how the travel industry can rebuild with intention to create a legacy for regenerative tourism in Canada. Key themes will include reciprocity and partnerships, capacity building, climate action, and diversity. As always, the program will cover IMPACT’s four pillars of Ecology & Environment, Community & Sense of Place, Culture & Heritage, and the Economy.

The Program is still in development, and we welcome your feedback. Do you have ideas for topics or speakers? Please email us at [email protected]. As we continue to refine our content, please visit this page for updates.



  • We need to have tough conversations
  • The knowledge we collect is accessible to all
  • We are not afraid to be vulnerable
  • Financial success is a force for good
  • Tourism can help reverse global warming
  • We create safe places for candid discussion
  • We need to push the boundaries and find common ground
  • We engage people from all value sets, perspectives, provinces and territories


  • Future Leaders – What are we sustaining?
    A new take on our classic kickoff where we will bring in future leaders to share their vision for the future of Canadian tourism.
  • IMPACT Pecha Kucha
    A series of short presentations on solutions organizations can implement. Themes will include clean tech, biodiversity, diversity and inclusion and more.
  • ITAC Plenary
    The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) and IMPACT partner to bring you an engaging session on reconciliation and Indigenous tourism.
  • Building Careers with Purpose
    Regenerative tourism as an employee value proposition. How to be a great employer and make tourism a meaningful, fun, and attractive career path.
  • Hope is Climate Action & Biodiversity Protection
    Finding hope for the future in advancements in low-carbon technologies, biodiversity and citizen science.
    IMPACT’s signature wrap up session. After learning together, we share our commitments for the upcoming year before we head home to put our knowledge to work. Taking action is the most important part.



  • Workshop: Sustainability Planning
    What makes an effective sustainability plan? What topics should be included, which KPIs should be measured, who should be involved? Attendees will walk away with a draft outline of their very own sustainability plan.
  • Workshop: Partnership Development
    Working together is the best way for us to address the issues facing the industry. Learn from experts on how (and how not) to build partnerships that are effective, meaningful and reciprocal. Attendees will walk away with sample MOUs and best practices for building partnerships.
  • Responsible Marketing & Communications
    The intersection of sustainability and communications. How do the messages we share, who we market to, and who tells which stories contribute to the environmental and social success of our organizations?
  • Beautiful KPIs
    What metrics should we track? We’ve all heard that we need to measure what we want to manage. But what about capacity, ESG best practices, dashboards data quality and the dangers of bad data?
  • ITAC Breakout
    The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) and IMPACT partner to bring you an engaging breakout on reconciliation and Indigenous tourism.
  • Workshop: Funding the Change
    With costs rising across the board, how do we find the funds to bring our sustainability plans to fruition? A look at eco-fees, post secondary co-ops, internship and hiring grants, and climate finance. Attendees will walk away with a list of active funding programs and best practices for implementing eco-fees.
  • Dive Deeper: Building Careers with Purpose
    Dig into the practical application of the concepts and topics discussed in the Building Careers with Purpose Plenary. Attendees will walk away with a list of ways to contribute to their team’s financial, physical, professional, and social well-being.
  • Circular Economy: Events, Accommodations & Tours
    Drawing on traditional and natural processes, a circular economy is about social equity, resource efficiency and economic opportunity. Learn how the tourism industry can contribute to a thriving economy through waste to resource, sharing, innovation, quality and equity.