IMPACT plenary session

Amar Latif

Founder & Director, Traveleyes

Amar Latif is an entrepreneur and TV presenter, known for his programmes on the BBC and Channel 4. Amar lost his sight when he was 18 due to a degenerative eye disorder, but instead of allowing his life to be defined by what he couldn’t do, he decided to break down the barriers placed around him. 

Amar Latif, speaker at Impact 2020 in Victoria, BC

He went to Strathclyde University in his hometown of Glasgow in Scotland, and, seeking adventure, spent the third year of his studies in Canada.

This is where Amar caught his travel bug, and despite achieving success and satisfaction with a career in accountancy, he never lost his desire to explore the world around him.

Traditional travel companies refused to accept him as a solo traveller, however, and so in 2004 Amar founded Traveleyes – the world’s first travel company for blind and sighted travellers.

Now based in Leeds, England, Amar is in demand as an inspirational speaker and recently gave his first TED Talk. He has been to more than 100 countries, travelled half a million miles, and encourages others to push the boundaries when it comes to adventure.

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