IMPACT plenary session

Bill Swan

Regenerative Tourism & Partnerships, Adventure Canada

Adventure Canada’s goal is to help every traveler become an enthusiastic ambassador for the regions and the cultures we visit. We believe travel is an opportunity to enrich people’s lives and that getting to know the world is one way of becoming a better global citizen. We engage, entertain, and educate by connecting people to each other and the land through innovative travel experiences. We cultivate connection and community while celebrating culture and are driven by heart, humanity and hope.

Bill Swan

Bill's love of outdoor adventure, natural and cultural history, a degree in environmental studies and a passion for entrepreneurship have been integral to a career engaged in sustainability issues in business, government and non-profit agencies.   An environmental educator with Parks Canada, freelance photographer, a solar energy installation business, citizen science project management, development of nature festivals and public gardens, executive director of a non-profit - diversity is the hallmark of Bill's work life!  

In 1987 Bill co-founded Adventure Canada, an adventure travel company specializing in immersive expeditions in Canada's remote regions. Programs emphasize nature, culture, science and art in the company of leading experts in their fields. Taste of Place, a new AC program Bill is leading, celebrates Canada's foods, chefs, farmers and fishers, educates participants in food issues and engages them in opportunities to support local to regional food systems.              

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