Boris Issaev

Co-Founder / Parkbus

IMPACT is pleased to welcome Boris Issaev to the speaker line-up for 2019. Boris is the co-founder and CEO of Parkbus initiative, world’s first dedicated city-to-park bus service.

Boris Issaev

Parkbus connects major Canadian cities to over 60 national, provincial and regional parks, allowing campers, hikers, canoers and other park users to get to the great outdoors without a car. Parkbus is a social enterprise that re-invests all the profits into addressing barriers that prevents people from getting outside, which in addition to transportation include economic, cultural and social factors.

More recently, Boris co-founded ParkPass - a digital visitor management system for parks to disperse overtourism and make visitors better prepared for their trips. ParkPass is a project of Vancouver-based Better Environmentally Sound Transportation - non-profit charitable organization with a long history promoting sustainable transportation and tourism in the province. Last month, ParkPass won an international sustainable tourism grant awarded by

Boris' projects were featured by over 200 publications including the National Geographic and won numerous national and international awards. Boris holds an MBA as well as a computer science degree.


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