Doreen Sark 

Owner & Operator, Indian Art & Crafts of North America

Doreen Sark’s main business is the owner of Indian Art & Craft of North America, a retail craft business located on Lennox Island, Prince Edward Island. Indian Art & Craft of North America was started in 1972 by Elder Ray Sark primarily as a showcase for locally made ash splint baskets and has expanded over the years to include products created by Indigenous artists from throughout North and South America.

Doreen Sark, a speaker at Impact 2020 in Victoria BC

Doreen has served as the Chair of PEI’s Western Tourism Association for 15 years and served as a founding member of the North Cape Coastal Drive Tourism Partnership. She is a long-time member of the Tourism Industry Association of PEI and served on the board for 8 years. She currently serves as the chair for the Lennox Island Development Corporation and has received numerous awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award for Business from the Ulnooweg Aboriginal Development Corporation for Atlantic Canada, Lt. Governor’s Award for Excellence and Premier’s award for outstanding leadership in the tourism industry.

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