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Geoffrey Tauvette

Director, Environment and Fuel WestJet

Geoff Tauvette is Director, Environment and Fuel at WestJet, a Canadian airline based in Calgary, Alberta flying to over 107 destinations in Canada, the US, Mexico and Caribbean, and Europe. 

Geoff is responsible for WestJet’s aviation fuel and biojet value chains, environmental sustainability and innovation strategies and climate-related risk management. 

Geoffrey Tauvette, Impact 2020 Speaker in Victoria, BC

Geoff has more than 20 years of experience in the aviation fuel and environment industry with a focus on providing operational, financial and environmental governance of airline-owned airport fuel and glycol infrastructure consortia. Geoff is leading WestJet’s transition to low-carbon and sustainable air travel by advancing the use of biojet and integrating sustainable development and climate risk into business and risk management strategies.  

Geoff holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Civil Engineering from the University of Ottawa and a Masters in Civil Engineering from McGill University both specialized in environmental engineering. He is also a fellow of the Alberta Energy Futures Lab, a sustainability-driven, innovation-focused initiative with a vision to accelerating the transition to the energy system of Alberta’s future.  

Geoff lives in Calgary with his wife Chiara and two kids, Julia and Nicolas where the family attends Italian school every Saturday morning.

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