Leigh Barnes

Chief Customer Officer, Intrepid Travel

In 2018, Leigh Barnes was appointed to the newly-created role of Chief Purpose Officer to focus on the sustained growth of Intrepid’s purpose-led initiatives.

Leigh Barnes, a speaker at the 2020 Impact Conference in Victoria, BC

He jumpstarted the company’s continued focus on sustained growth of Intrepid’s purpose-led initiatives, during which time he worked closely with The Intrepid Foundation and external partners to create more shared value projects and operate a business with a purpose beyond profit. In late 2019, Barnes moved into the new role of Chief Customer Officer, responsible for customer experience, digital, brand, as well as advocacy on issues that are important to Intrepid’s customers, communities, and workers.


Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Barnes enjoys exploring the unseen places of the world. His favourite real-life experience was trekking through the Himalayas to Everest Base Camp on an Intrepid Travel tour.

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