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Lilly Woodbury

Chapter Manager, Surfrider Pacific Rim

In her role, Lilly concentrates on supporting the Surfrider Pacific Rim team in creating and implementing campaigns that eliminate single-use plastics, managing and growing recycling practices for petroleum based waste products and pollutants, as well as working with youth, the public, businesses and government in taking positive action for the coastline. 

Lily Woodbury, an Impact 2020 speaker in Victoria, BC

Lilly Woodbury was born in Tofino but grew up on the Great Lakes in Northern Ontario, where she cultivated a love for the outdoors and wonders of the natural world. In 2015 she recieved an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto, and following this, she worked as a Campaigner for Greenpeace New Zealand. Now, Lilly is residing back on the west coast in Tofino, working for Surfrider, spending her spare time writing and surfing. Lilly also won Starfish Canada's Top 25 Environmentalists under 25 in 2018 for her efforts.

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