IMPACT plenary session

Sean Casey

Filmmaker, Sean Casey Productions

From hearing the rumble of ice blocks shearing off the edge of a glacier to seeing the destructive power of a tornado’s swirling winds or watching flames devour a forest as if it were so many matchsticks, Sean Casey’s job is to capture some of nature’s most violent moments - camera in hand. 

An American IMAX filmmaker and storm chaser, he’s appeared on the Discovery Channel series Storm Chasers and has directed numerous films including the IMAX film: Tornado Alley. Chasing storms since 1999, Casey has been named one of the 50 best minds of 2008 by Discover Magazine.  

Sean Casey, a speaker at Impact 2020 in BC

Sean recently released an IMAX documentary called "Back From The Brink" which is currently playing at IMAX Victoria and is in production on a feature IMAX documentary film called "Firefighters" along with "Saving our Seas", a film on the waters around the Galapogos/Cocos Islands and the animals that live there and "Surf or Die", surfing meets environmentalism. Sean’s profession and experiences have brought him face to face with the impacts of climate change. For his audiences, he wants to show powerful imagery that really does justice to what’s happening around the world.

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