Tanelle Bolt

Founder, RAD Recreation Adapted Society

Tanelle Bolt is an innovator, philanthropist, and an advocate for equitable opportunities in accessibility to services and activities. She has successfully developed and implemented a completely voluntary based society, RAD Recreation Adapted Society.

RAD aspires to create a world where individuals living with permanent and temporary mobility issues have the opportunity and means to live independent, active lifestyles with friends and family regardless of their financial circumstances. Examples of RAD’s initiatives include: an outdoor adventure app for enthusiasts of all abilities to ‘connect to disconnect’; and a RAD Gear Box that offers outdoor adaptive equipment across BC (and one day North America) for a low rental expense.

In 4-1/2 years of paralysis Tanelle has gained knowledge of adaptive recreation through her involvement in sports such as skiing, surfing, biking, hiking, paddling and golfing. She also provides insight and design as an Accessibility Consultant after sustaining a spinal cord injury as an educated Interior Designer. In this capacity, she offers a unique perspective to corporations who are expanding or renovating to align themselves with universal design, both old and new construction projects.

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