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Eagle Wing
Victoria Harbour Airport at sunset.

Day of IMPACT 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this year’s Day of IMPACT!
Please mark your calendars for next year’s tour:
Sunday, January 24, 2021


Join us for a day of experiential learning as we showcase thriving tourism businesses who have implemented innovative sustainable practices into their everyday operations. Several presenters will be familiar from past years, returning to share their updates and new innovations while others are new to IMPACT with exciting stories to share! Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how these local businesses continue to navigate challenges, apply key learnings and measure successes as they incorporate sustainable practices into the very fabric of their operations. 

Take a look at our speakers & topics:

  • City of Victoria - Learn how the City of Victoria is investing in low-carbon and multi-modal transportation options for visitors and residents.
  • The Parkside Hotel & Spa - Hear how The Parkside Hotel & Spa is taking their passion for sustainability in tourism to the next level by becoming carbon neutral. 
  • Big Wheel Burger - Meet Calen from Big Wheel Burger and learn how his passion for ‘doing the right thing’ built a successful sustainable fast food business model while achieving fiscal responsibility. 
  • Ocean River Sports - Hear how Ocean River Sports introduces thousands of people to the joys of nature with human power via kayaks and paddleboards while committing to sustainable business practices that assist in keeping their business afloat. 
  • Eagle Wing Tours - Catch up with Eagle Wing Tours to learn how they are practicing regenerative tourism in partnership with the Eco-Guardians of Race Rocks. 
  • Victoria International Marina - Learn from the Victoria International Marina about some of the big green advancements in the industry this year.
  • Friends of the Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary – receive an update on the health of bird populations in the Inner and Outer Harbour.
  • TOPSOIL – Hear from Chris Hildreth, founder of TOPSOIL, about how they grow thousands of pounds of produce on unused urban spaces right here in Victoria. TOPSOIL takes a sustainable systematic approach to food production and supplies high quality fresh local produce to restaurants and the surrounding community.
  • Pacific Northwest Transportation Services – Join David Roberts from Pacific Northwest Transportation Services and hear how they are looking at hydrogen fuel cell technology vs. electric.
  • Harbour Air Seaplanes - Come and hear the latest news from Harbour Air and learn how they walk their talk when it comes to being an industry leader on sustainable initiatives.
  • The Breakwater - Enjoy coffee and morning snacks provided by the Breakwater which has been a seaside comfort at Ogden Point, since 2012.


Tour Overview

Kick off the morning with a visit to the bustling Greater Victoria Harbour Authority’s (GVHA) Breakwater District for an update on their best practices in the Clean and Green Marine realm while hearing from several Day of IMPACT presenters. As a group, we will then walk to Fisherman’s Wharf with a highlight of the wayfinding strategies the GVHA is using to entice cruise passengers to choose travel by foot over vehicle. Once at the wharf, we will board Eagle Wing Tour’s beautiful vessels to set sail, enjoy a sustainably produced lunch from Songhees Events & Catering and hear from the rest of our presenters as we tour the revivified Inner Harbour and the first Migratory Bird Sanctuary established in 1923.  Weather permitting, we will head out to Race Rocks for wildlife viewing to end the day. 


Thank You To Our 2020 Day of IMPACT Partners

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    JANUARY 24-27, 2021