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Local Host Program

‘Let’s Bring It’


Planning, organizing, and delivering on a meeting, conference or event is cause for reward—especially when it takes place in your own beautiful city. A local host who successfully brings a business event to Victoria can receive 1% of hotel guest room revenue paid back to the host, their organization or their organization’s foundation.

To apply, please complete the short form below. If you have any questions, please review the eligibility details below the form or contact us directly at [email protected].

Meeting Details

Local Host Details

Funds will be paid out upon completion of the business event, and the confirmed room nights will be finalized by Business Events Victoria and contracted hotels. Funds will be distributed based on the actual confirmed rooms purchased in the City of Victoria under contracted hotel room blocks.

Our local host program is coordinated by Business Events Victoria, a collaboration of Tourism Victoria and the Victoria Conference Centre. The very best conference professionals in the city will be available to you.

Top Five Reasons to Bring It

  1. A successful, meaningful business event highlights latest developments in your industry, from a uniquely Victoria perspective.
  2. Provides an ideal opportunity to build networks and strengthen relationships with colleagues in your industry.
  3. Business events help form partnerships, secure future funding and establish wide links in your industry.
  4. Show off your city and be proud that you are showcasing Victoria as a centre of economic, academic and scientific excellence.
  5. It's easy. You will have support from us every step of the way.

PLUS you’ll be rewarded! Earn 1% of the hotel guest room revenue you book.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The conference, meeting or event must be near or at bid stage, as already committed meetings are not eligible.
  • The conference, meeting or event must be a new program that has not been to Victoria before or in the past five years.
  • The conference, meeting or event must fall outside the months of July, August or September.
  • The conference, meeting or event must contract room nights with a minimum of two local hotel properties.
  • Contracted room nights must be booked in a hotel located in the City of Victoria.
  • The conference, meeting or event must meet minimum volume threshold of 100 contracted room nights.
  • Tourism Victoria reserves the right to limit the number of programs supported each year.
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