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Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs

May 18 — December 31, 2018


Experience a time when civilization grew along the Nile, pyramids dotted the skyline and people believed gods walked among us.

With more than 300 original artifacts, some an astounding 4,500 years old, this exhibition covers all aspects of ancient Egyptian life, from the emergence of ancient Egyptian civilization along the Nile to the Ptolemaic and Roman eras.

Be among the first in North America to see this staggering exhibition’s priceless ancient artifacts, such as the coffin of Nakht, an exceptional bust of Hatshepsut and an ornate gold and garnet necklace from the Ptolemaic period.

Co-curated by Dr. Christian Tietze from Weimar and Dr. Christian Bayer from the Pelizaeus-Museum, Egypt: The Time of Pharoahs is one of the largest touring exhibitions about ancient Egypt from internationally important Egyptology collections of the University of Aberdeen, the Pelizaeus-Museum in Hildesheim, the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung in Berlin and the Gustav Lübcke-Museum in Hamm. The exhibition is created in partnership with Museums Partner.
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