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Romance Edition: Capturing Special Moments with Flytographer

Posted on February 6, 2018

Visiting Victoria for the first time, Calgary-based influencer Ryan Massel (a.k.a. I'm Mr Fabulous) and his new husband took the chance to capture their stay with Flytographer, a local photo concierge company. We asked Ryan to share his experience and what made their shoot so special.

Recently married, my husband Rob and I decided to escape the snowy mountains of Alberta in exchange for a romantic getaway to the island city of Victoria.

After our trip was planned we were introduced to a company called Flytographer, a global on-line service that matches travellers with local photographers to capture special memories in special places. Never having been to Victoria, we were excited to visit and explore the city we had heard so much about... The idea of having a professional photographer there to capture those moments suddenly became a must! 

Victoria Inner Harbour

After browsing the profiles of a number of very talented photographers we chose to work with Stephanie based on her crisp quality, interesting composition and visually creative aesthetic. We sent a few emails back and forth in which she got to know our style and interests, then we settled on a place and time to meet; because Stephanie is local she knew exactly where to take us to not only showcase the beauty of Victoria, but also to some locations that felt like us!

BC Legislative Buildings

Since Rob is an architect, Stephanie started us with some shots at the historic British Columbia Legislature building and made sure to take us around the side and the back to interesting areas visitors would rarely venture to.

Next, we crossed the street and headed to the Inner Harbour where finding a bad backdrop would have been impossible. From benches flanked by lush, leafy green trees (in the winter!), to floating walkways - the harbour's calm and serene beauty made sure each photo would shine.

Victoria Inner Harbour

After a number of snaps it was time to move on, and we made our way to Market Square and inside its expansive courtyard filled full of photographic opportunity. Our 60 minutes with a professional photographer, who was also a local insider, took us on an adventure we never would have found on our own. It was the perfect way to create and capture some perfect memories of beautiful Victoria!

Market Square Victoria

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