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Destination Greater Victoria provides research tools and resources to help members gain a wide range of insights about overnight visitors to our region and the value of tourism to Greater Victoria's economy.

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Research Tools and Resources

Tourism Industry Indicators Dashboard

Key statistics for Greater Victoria’s tourism industry, such as accommodation metrics, unemployment rates, travel intent, community sentiment, and business events. Updated weekly.

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COVID-19 Impacts, Scenarios and Travel Recovery

Articles, websites and downloadable resources on COVID-19 impacts, scenarios and travel recovery.

Victoria Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism in Victoria

In 2020, Insights West conducted an online survey with 701 City of Victoria residents aimed at assessing their current attitudes towards the local tourism industry.

2019 Visitor Survey

Destination Greater Victoria recently completed a full-year program of visitor-focused research.

Key Statistics for Victoria's Tourism Industry

Each month, Chemistry Consulting prepares a report on key statistics for Victoria’s tourism industry.

2018 Economic Impact of Tourism

This report was prepared by InterVISTAS Consulting Inc. and estimates the economic impact of tourism in 2017.

Statistics Canada Overnight Visitors Surveys

Statistics Canada collects information about overnight travel to Canada by United States, International and Canadian residents.

Source Markets Dashboard

Information from 12 source markets to Greater Victoria, such as population characteristics, income, employment and insights from the 2019 Visitor Survey.

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Additional Resources

A number of organizations conduct research on various aspects of the tourism industry, providing industry partners with information to enhance the effectiveness of future marketing and development projects:

Contact Information

If you would like further information about Destination Greater Victoria's research activities and resources, please contact:

Graham Wallace
Executive Director, Governance, Research and Corporate Communications
[email protected]

Sarah Fallavollita
Business Research Specialist
[email protected]