Ancient Pyramid escape room at Trapped Victoria.
Trapped Victoria, a truly unique live gaming experience, providing year round fun, where you can experience the hottest new trend in date nights, family fun and corporate team-building. Come enjoy the masterfully designed escape rooms, such as the Medieval Prison, Ancient Pyramid, Death Note and Contaminated Hospital. Trapped Victoria is conveniently located in the heart of Victoria's downtown tourist district, by Bastion Square, close to many restaurants and parking.

Trapped Victoria is an interactive real-life escape room facility where players are locked in one of four private themed rooms and must work together to discover exciting clues and solve challenging puzzles in order to ‘escape’ within 60 minutes. Trapped Victoria's escape rooms offer varying levels of difficulty, so those who are new to escape games and the most experienced can have fun.

There are no age restrictions to play the escape room themes. In fact, some children do just as well as—if not better than—adults, due to their ability to ‘think outside of the box’. Having said that, an adult player is required to be in the escape room to supervise children under the age of 14.
How many rooms will you be able to escape?

Trapped - Escape Game

1211 Wharf Street

Victoria, BC V8W 1T9

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