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Co-owner Reusables Vancouver Island


As co-owner of Reusables Vancouver Island the catalyst for us was to develop this service was the massive increase in takeout food during Covid.  With this trend comes the single use packaging explosion. Our mission is to replace single use take out containers with reusables. We offer a zero waste option to restaurants, events, movie sets, campuses and tourist destinations.

My background in restaurant, event management and health promotion marketing positions me to relate and develop feasible solutions to decrease single use takeout containers for our clients. I am passionate about working with chefs and managers to tailor the reusables service to their needs. Adopting the Circular Economy model requires behavioral change and support to do so. As in any change there are the early adopters, followed by the challenging next phase. We have expanded our service to 12 restaurants on the island and are launching in Victoria and Tofino. Reusables is a new concept -- making changes through education, green branding opportunities and municipal support is vital. We are constantly lobbying, speaking and networking to form associations and partnerships to further the cause of zero waste i.e., working with Surf Rider, Ocean Ambassadors and the Chamber of Commerce. My personal philosophy is to foster a healthy relationship with our members and partners as we navigate the ever changing food service landscape.