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Sustainable Greater Victoria

Greater Victoria is a Biosphere Certified destination!

So, what does that mean? Travellers around the globe are seeking out sustainable and eco-friendly travel options that match their values. The Responsible Tourism Institute’s Biosphere certification is a guarantee of environmental, economic, and socio-cultural balance that meets the needs of modern travellers. Biosphere Certification is a commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20, and the COP21 Paris Agreement to combat climate change.

Growing a Better Future

There’s something about Greater Victoria that fosters a freedom to think outside the box. We proudly blaze our own trails and do things in our own unique way. Our influence and impact on the world reach far beyond our shores. Throughout our history, our creativity and ingenuity have sparked new ideas and innovations. We take our time to do things right. Our commitment to sustainability, ocean research and new technology continue to show how we can lead the world from our little piece of it.

We’re not far away, just further ahead.


Sustainable Accommodations

Don't lose sleep over your carbon footprint. From carbon neutral to climate positive, Victoria's hotels pair sustainability with service brilliantly.

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Parkside Hotel and Spa atrium in Victoria, BC

Sustainable Business in Victoria

A kayaker in the water in Sidney, BC

Sustainable Attractions

Victoria blends eco-tourism with cosmopolitan flare. Connect with the land, sea, and air in our one-of-a-kindland on the Pacific coast.

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A person on Acres Farm in Victoria, BC

Sustainable Dining

In Victoria we measure farm-to-table on a scale of metres not miles. Discover local organic flavours farmed and foraged steps from our downtown core.

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A woman leaving a Harbour Seaplane in Victoria, BC

Sustainable Transportation

As an island destination, getting to Victoria is part of the adventure. No matter how you plan on travelling, there's a sustainable provider for you.

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Sustainable Shopping

In Victoria, sustainable shopping is a way of life! From local markets to eco-friendly stores, the city offers a treasure trove of options for conscious consumers, making it easy to find great products that are kind to both your wallet and the planet.

Shop Resale in Victoria

Victoria is known as the reuse capital of Canada, where people love finding cool stuff that's been used before. It's not just about being kind to the Earth; it's also about getting awesome things at good prices while helping out our city.

Sustainable Initiatives

Victoria leaves the buzzwords for the bees. Our journey has taken us from tide pools to treetops as we work to make each flight, each bite, and each night a little more sustainable than the last. If eco-conscious travel is at the forefront of your next great adventure, then Victoria is waiting for you!


Responsible Travel Itinerary

Destination Greater Victoria is proud to be Climate Positive and is a Biosphere Certified Destination. In a city surrounded by water and connected to nature, you’re never more than a stone’s throw from innovative, one-of-a-kind, local businesses that put sustainability first, including hotels, restaurants, and world-class attractions.

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A pod of orcas in Victoria, BC
Family walking in Beacon Park, Victoria, BC

Blog: Sustainable Travel in Victoria, BC

Home to expansive green spaces, old growth forest, abundant local wildlife and seemingly never-ending shoreline, it’s easy to relax and feel connected to the earth on Vancouver Island. But Victoria takes “green” to a whole new level – we’re also a national leader in environmental initiatives, working in concert with many partners that share a commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Travel In Victoria, BC

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Destination Greater Victoria is honoured to be based on the traditional territory of the Lekwungen-speaking peoples of the Songhees Nation and the Esquimalt Nation, whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.