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Mystical Rainforest Tours & Self-Discovery Quests

Mystical Rainforest Tours - Embark on a guided excursion into the Wild Enchantment of one of Victoria’s Pacific Coast Rainforests. Experience (firsthand) the fundamentals of Forest Bathing & Nature Mysticism.
Forest Bathing - A leisurely stroll through a park, practicing mindfulness while Being immersed in the healing & revitalizing energies of the surrounding forest. Revitalize your senses. Forage for wild berries and edible plants and awaken your taste buds (seasonal).
Nature Mysticism - Deepening your connection to & awareness of the healing & enlightening Presence of Nature. The sense or awareness of Being immersed in the Oneness of Nature.
Benefits - Improved mental clarity, focus & creativity, improved mood, feelings of gratitude & joy, a strengthened immune system, lowered blood pressure & stress levels, better sleeping habits, increased energy & vitality and a heightened sense that you are part of something much greater than yourself. You will walk away with practical tools and techniques to experience healing & insight on the level of Mind, Body & Soul. NATURE IMMERSION IS DEFINITELY GOOD FOR YOU!

Mystical Rainforest Tours & Self-Discovery Quests

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Victoria, BC .

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