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The 9 Different Types of Travellers

Posted on May 8, 2014

There are nine different types of travellers. 

If you're a...

Authentic experiencer You appreciate the beauty of natural and cultural environments. You enjoy using all of your senses when you explore and really get to know the places you visit. You quickly adapt to personal challenges and risks, easily figuring out how to make the most of every situation. You want to be fully immersed in your travel experience and tend to stay away from group tours and rigid plans.

Cultural explorer 
You seek opportunities to embrace, discover and immerse yourself in the culture, people and settings of the places you visit. Not content to just visit historic sites and watch from the sidelines, you want to be an active participant. You often attempt to converse with locals, attend local festivals and go off the beaten path to discover how people truly live.

Cultural history buff 
You strive to go beyond your own roots to understand the history and culture of others. When you travel you are likely pursuing a personal interest or hobby, making the experience more rewarding. Travelling alone or in small groups, you seek the freedom to observe, absorb and learn at your own pace.

Free spirit 
Something of a thrill-seeking hedonist, travel satisfies your insatiable need for the exciting and the exotic. You like the best of everything and want to be surrounded by others who feel the same way. You have a lot of energy and want to see and do everything. It all adds to the fun! Young or young-at-heart, you travel for the thrill and emotional charge of doing things. You just can't stay at home. Why would you?!

Gentle explorer 
You like returning to past destinations and enjoy the security of familiar surroundings. You seek the most comfortable places when you get away and avoid the unknown. Well-organized travel packages and guided tours that take care of all the details appeal to you. Travel should be fun, not extra work! And if it's fun, chances are you'll be back.

No-hassle traveller 
As a bit of an escapist, you search for relaxation and simplicity. You favour worry-free travel and spending time with family and friends. Short breaks and getaways are preferred to long-distance travel. Things are rarely planned in advance; when you want to visit family and friends, you just go.

Personal history explorer 
You travel to gain a deeper understanding of your ancestry and heritage. You feel safer when you stay at familiar hotels and like to travel in style, comfort and security. You like to visit all of the important landmarks, so a carefully planned schedule, often as a part of a group tour, ensures experiences of a lifetime.

For you, travel is a chance to totally disconnect and just "get away from it all." All you want to do is res and recharge. You usually take short vacations to familiar places, often for family visits and celebrations. While you might seek out destinations with a few interesting things to see and do, you don't want an overly-hectic schedule of events. After all, travel is meant to be relaxing, not extra work!

Virtual traveller
Tending not to travel very often, you prefer the comforts of home to the uncertainties of new places and cultures. Often very active locally, you usually find enough to satisfy your sense of exploration within your community. Rather than being restricted to the confines of pre-packaged tours, you prefer the flexibility of being able to decide what you want or don't want to do on your own. Your trips tend to be shorter, closer to home and centered on family events.