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Comics and Games in Victoria, B.C.

Posted on February 24, 2020

Victoria's history with fandom stretches a long way back. The city is home to plenty of shops specializing in games, toys, comics and pop culture artifacts. Read on to discover why Victoria is a hub for comics and games. 


Music Bingo 

Music bingo is a favourite pastime here in Victoria. Between Bartholomew’s, Moon Under Water, 17 Mile House Pub and Yates Street Taphouse, you can find music bingo nearly every day of the week. If you’ve never partaken in this highly fun (and mildly competitive) game before, the rules are simple: listen to tracks and look for them on your bingo card to dab!

Alternatively, go old school with pinball and video games at Quazar’s Arcade in Trounce Alley. With an ever-evolving and growing collection, you can revisit some of the games from your youth and try your hand at new ones.


Cherry Bomb Toys & Toy Museum

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony and G.I. Joe are likely names you haven’t thought of for a while — but rest assured, B Woodward of Cherry Bomb Toys has been doing all of the thinking for you. 

The toy store owner has amassed such an impressive collection of vintage and collectible toys that he’s opened a toy museum on the upper level of the store. There you’ll find items like a 1970s Fisher Price snowmobile and Meccano from the 1920s. You’ll also find Woodward himself and his encyclopedic knowledge of toy history. 

Image by Bob Hewitt Photography


Interactivity Board Game Café

For an extraordinarily fun evening, Interactivity Board Game Café on Yates Street is a must. The café offers about 700 games to play — more to buy — along with specialty coffees, sandwiches, snacks (retro candy and chips by the bowl) and milkshakes made with house ice cream. “Game experts” are on standby to decode the fine-print rules. 

For five bucks, you can play as many games as you like. If you sit on the licensed side, expect 1 a.m. to come quickly over a glass of craft beer. The whole experience is like stepping into the best kind of time machine. Oh, and the café is locally owned and operated. What’s not to love?

Image by Bob Hewitt Photography


Escape Rooms & Virtual Reality 

Choose your mission at Victoria Escape Games and put your problem-solving skills to the test. If you decide to turn your experience "inside out" (an outdoor mission), your game will be a blend of scavenger hunt, geocaching and escape room. 

At Quest, embark on a virtual-reality assignment. Equipped with an iPad, you’ll find clues around Victoria’s city centre to unlock your levels. If you prefer traditional escape rooms, Quest has four to choose from, each with their own immersive theme. 


Comics and gaming stores

Victoria’s love affair with fandom stretches a long way back. The city is home to plenty of shops specializing in games, toys, comics and pop culture artifacts. 

A long-standing staple, Legends Comics & Books specializes in new and vintage comics, graphic novels and rare collectibles. Co-owner and award-winning artist and cartoonist Gareth Kyle Gaudin is a go-to guy when it comes to the history and artisanal side of the medium. His original “Monster Sisters” series depicts his two young daughters in mega-adventures around Victoria. 

Fan Favourites Games & Movies is the place to source plush collectibles, throwback video games (remember Frogger?) and classic Atari and ColecoVision consoles.

Image by Bob Hewitt Photography


Capital City Comic Con

Whether you’re a Marvel or DC enthusiast, a Trekkie or a Potterhead, this is an event you won’t want to miss! Get dressed up in your best cosplay and join us March 20-22 for Victoria’s third annual Capital City Comic Con.

This event is an absolute hit and this year promises to be the biggest and best yet. Think cosplay competition, celebrity guests, engaging panels and much more!

Image by Colin Smith Photography