If you’re playing Pokémon Go, you know it’s an awesome way to explore cities and experience places that you may not have visited otherwise. Here’s your guide to Victoria’s best Pokéstops, Gyms and places to catch Pokémon.

Gordon Head

Begin your quest at Cadboro Bay Beach and Gyro Park in Gordon Head. There are seven Pokéstops here, including one at the Gyro Park sign and one at the giant Cadborosaurus monster in the main playground. 

Hit the Pokéstop at Smuggler’s Cove Pub, then head up the Sinclair Hill toward the University of Victoria. Drop an Incense and a Lucky Egg for double XP and loop through campus and around Ring Road. Here, you’ll find over twenty Pokéstops and several Gyms as you explore the beautiful campus via tree-lined walkways and community gardens.

Make sure to stop at the UVic Sign, the Bob Wright Centre, the CARSA athletics facility and the library (all are Pokéstops) before heading toward downtown to continue your hunt.

Downtown Victoria

While most of downtown Victoria is teeming with Pokémon, gyms, and Pokéstops, there are a couple of central hubs where you can gain a bunch of XP while also doing some cool stuff and not worrying about traffic or pedestrians. Here are the spots you’ll want to hit:

Image: Pidgey at The Bay Centre on level 2. The world clock just above is a Pokestop. 

Make your way toward the Inner Harbour, where you’ll find Pokéstops outside the Visitor Centre, along the Causeway and outside the Fairmont Empress. Head all the way over to the Legislature building and The Robert Bateman Centre to catch a Jynx and a Magikarp.

Image: A Jynx in front of the B.C. Parliament Buildings

If you’d like to take in a little bit of local history and culture along the way, make sure to hit these downtown Pokéstops:

Along the Water

Beginning at the Breakwater Bistro, work your way along Dallas Road toward Cook Street Village. There’s a separate walking path so you won’t have to worry about navigating a busy sidewalk.

Tip: while it may be tempting to catch ‘em all, try not to accidentally capture one of the baby goats or wild peacocks you’ll find in Beacon Hill Park.

Loop back about two blocks toward downtown and take a relaxing stroll through St. Ann’s Academy National Historic Site. On these beautiful, serene grounds, you’ll find six Pokéstops and one Gym while learning about some of Victoria’s history. 

The West Shore

Possibly the most scenic place to catch Pokémon, head to Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites where you’ll find 17 Pokéstops and one Gym. You’ll have to pay a modest entry fee to play on this site and take special caution here as many of the Pokéstops are located near water and a rocky shore. 

While you’re on the West Shore, head to Hatley Castle National Historic Site at Royal Roads University. Explore the beautiful gardens and catch a couple of Drowzee’s while you’re at it. 

If you come across any rare Pokémon in Victoria or other cool Pokestops, we want to know about it! Tweet us the location with #ExploreVictoria or @victoriavisitor. Happy hunting!

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