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Learn from a Local - Adam Sass

Local photographer Adam Sass is inspired by what he calls “the exquisite beauty of our wonderful city.” The self-taught photographer’s work has a dream-like quality, whether he’s capturing urban images or nature scenes. He’s as drawn to the forests around the city as the beauty of the Inner Harbour after dark. Check out his work on Instagram @sassadam or visit his website and find prints here.

Local photographer, Adam Sass - follow Adam on Instagram @sassadam

Q: What’s your favourite thing about Victoria?

A: For sure the proximity to nature. The ocean, the forests and the wildlife. It’s surrounded by so much beauty.

Q: What neighbourhood do you like to hang out in?

A: I spend a lot of time in the woods between Thetis Heights and Highlands. Hanging out in the Inner Harbour at night is pretty magical.

Q: Victoria is for brunch lovers. What’s your favourite spot?

A: I’d say Jam Café and The Ruby. 

Q: Let's go for a walk. Where are you headed?

A: The harbour from Johnson Street Bridge to Fisherman’s Wharf or Dallas Road beaches and finish at the Ogden Point Breakwater.

Q: Where's the best place for a great Victoria photo op?

A: The most obvious that comes to mind is the Ogden Point Breakwater at sunset. The Inner Harbour has countless great photo spots as well.

Q: If Victoria had a theme song, what would it be?

A: Gene Kelly: “Singin’ in the Rain.” Or something like that, maybe.

Q: Have you ever ridden in a pickle boat? How was the trip?

A: Huge fan of the Victoria Harbour Ferry! I take it frequently and it’s always delightful. Highly recommended! 

Q: What's your favourite place in Victoria to get away from it all?

A: Definitely in the woods, Goldstream Provincial Park or somewhere in Thetis Lake Park

Q: What’s your top Victoria restaurant?

A: I used to work in the industry and love the culinary scene here. Without hesitation I have to say Little Jumbo and Brasserie L’Ecole. Either one, depending on the vibe you’re into in the moment.

Q: What's your favourite Victoria craft brewery, distillery, coffee shop or winery to visit?

A: Brewery would probably be Hoyne Brewing Co. Coffee, I love it. My drink of choice. I like Shatterbox Coffee Co. and Habit Coffee. Winery? Maybe Church & State Wines.

Q: What would you do you do on an ideal day or evening in Victoria?

A: Go take photos all over town. Visit a few of our fine restaurants and bars, catch the sunset at one of the many locations in town and walk the harbour after dark. Did I mention taking photos?