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A young couple enjoys a coffee in one of downtown Victoria's cozy coffee shops
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Learn from a Local - Bruce Williams

A few questions with… Bruce Williams

As CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Bruce Williams is a professional city booster with a genuine love for the B.C. capital. One of Vancouver Island's most recognizable faces, he’s a former broadcaster who switched careers to become a top development strategist for business, non-profits and First Nations. A downtown booster and avid cyclist, you’ll probably find Williams exploring one of Victoria’s eclectic neighbourhoods.

CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Bruce Williams

Q: What’s your favourite thing about Victoria?

A: I like the neighbourhoods and the unique character of each one across the region.

Q: Which neighbourhoods do you like to hang out in?

A: I’m a fan of downtown Victoria, James Bay, Oak Bay Ave. and Beacon Ave. in Sidney.

Q: Let’s go for a walk. Where are you headed?

A: Along Dallas Road or to Frances/King Regional Park.

Q: Where’s the best place for a great Victoria photo op?

A: At the top of Mount Doug or Mount Tolmie.

Q: What’s the most surprising thing about Victoria?

A: The diversity of businesses within our city’s economy.

Q: If Victoria had a walk of fame, whose star would you add?
Q: Have you ever ridden in a pickle boat? How was the trip?

A: Yes, many times and it’s always a genuine Victoria experience.

Q: What’s your favourite place in Victoria to get away from it all?

A: At home with Amanda, my partner in life, the love of my life and the balance in my life.

Q: What’s your favourite Victoria craft brewery, distillery, coffee shop or winery to visit?

A: Sheringham Distillery in Sooke or Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub, where Spinnakers Classic Vodka is made at the in-house craft distillery.

Q: What’s one thing you wish more people knew about Victoria?

A: That we have a thriving and innovative business community.

Q: What’s the biggest misconception about Victoria?

A: We are more than just a boring government town. We have a diverse and exciting business and technology economy, along with being a place for outstanding tourism opportunities.

Q: What would you do you do on an ideal day or evening in Victoria?

A: Take a bike ride to a spot by the water, relax with a book and enjoy the view.